Marwa Ali
I am an Egyptian photographer raised between Saudi Arabia & the UAE. My practice revolves around the themes of identity, culture and heritage through different types of photography. I create work that draws from my own experiences and multicultural background using architecture, portraiture and street photography. Featured in Elle Arabia and published by SWALIF Publishing House in 'Encapsulated Vol.1: Photo Essays on Khaleejiness' publication, Wanderer Lost at Home is a project that explores the notion of belonging using my mother as a metaphor for an outcast persona exploring my journey as a non-khaleeji living in the Gulf. This outcast searches the heart of the Al Ain Palace museum previously recognized as the UAE Founder's home Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. After completing my BA course, I plan on pursuing my MA degree in photography to further develop my photographic practice and actively seek out opportunities to work in photography agencies and art institutions.
BA (Hons) Photography