Mariya Koycheva
My name is Mariya, born in Bulgaria. I have always been praised for my drawing skills and creative nature since I was a child. My family and I moved to Northern Ireland, where I studied Art and Design and Media. This was where my passion for film started, and I became more familiar with the pre-production process. Creating short films in college made me discover how much I enjoy making stories come to life. The Design for Film and Television course at Nottingham Trent University developed this desire to create, taught me how to be a professional in the industry, and how to sell and visualise your idea in the best way possible using different artistic ways like model making, concept art and storyboarding. With the passion, trustworthiness, and dedication that I can offer, I am looking forwards to finding my place in the industry. I am particularly very keen to develop my skills in concept art and digital model making, as well as learn more software in the future.
BA (Hons) Design for Film and TV