Maria Camila Gomez
I am a designer who is passionate about illustration, painting, prints and colour. I have always been a creative person and I like to take inspiration from my surroundings, especially from my country, Colombia. TRÓPICO is a textile collection for interiors inspired by the floodable rainforest located in the southwest of Colombia, a rich environment that hides some of the most interesting animals and plants around the world, this collection wants to reflect the qualities and values of the territory, full of colour, details, textures and life. Through handmade Illustrations I wanted to create compositions and prints that would immerse people in the greatness of the tropical rainforest. I have designed a collection, consisting of high-end textile pieces and wallpaper, that seeks slow movement processes and enduring products. My main goal is to create authentic and detailed textile pieces that are truly appreciate by the consumer, making designs last longer in time as home pieces of art.
MA Textile Design Innovation