Madeleine Clements
I was born in Wakefield but I am currently based in Nottinghamshire. In 2022, I will complete my degree in Fine Art. My practice is hugely dictated by my own personal interests and experiences, some of which haven’t been pleasant, but these have in turn made me a very strong young woman. Throughout my university years, I have worked in numerous care environments which have provided me with a very personable and delicate manner when amongst vulnerable people. I have also taken on numerous roles at university which have involved supporting my fellow students. This is reflected through my practice which incorporates my artistic skills such as installation, painting, videography, photography and roleplay and the desire to want to create a safe space for vulnerable people to create art as a means of communicating. I hope to become an art therapist in the future so I can provide that space for those who need it but I also wish to carry on creating interactive artworks for the public.
BA (Hons) Fine Art