Lukas Pig
Well, this was a good three years. I pretty much got to make cartoons nonstop and come out with a qualification. Like most (if not all) people on this course, drawing has always been a passion of mine. It was basically just a hobby for the longest time. Eventually, I decided to try and do something more with it, so I attended an open day and here I am, going at it as a mature student. I’ve learned a load of new skills to add to my arsenal and I’ve been challenged to produce my best work (well, my best work so far). It has been interesting learning the software and wotnot. Before all this I had been purely traditional and never really gave much thought into drawing digitally let alone producing any sort of animated works. As for my work. I’m well into 3D. Been getting on surprisingly well with Maya and enjoy making and rigging original characters. I tend to keep things pretty light-hearted with my animations, though who knows what I’ll come up with future. Hope you like what you see.
BA (Hons) Animation