Luka Lewis
As a keen design solutionist, I aim to challenge how garments can transcend trends and be designed with longevity, ultimately reconsidering how we dress. Working with a human-centred design lens, I design well-curated, alterable knitwear that facilitates the creation of meaningful relationships between wearer and garment. After experiencing technical knitwear product development in commercial and luxury briefs, I focused my MA on harnessing a design methodology which is distinct in its ability to repurpose traditional knitwear aesthetics into contemporary and innovative fashion. The outcome is a modular knitwear garment, in which interconnected parts create a coherent, multifunctional product. During my MA, I was awarded The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters Bursary Award which has supported the development of my research and practice. After my studies, I hope to pursue a knitwear design role as either technical knitwear product developer or knitwear technician.
MA Fashion Knitwear Design