Lucy Reade
Hello, I’m Lucy Reade. My collection is inspired by the traditional workwear worn on my family’s farm dating back to the 1940s, combined with the garments worn during the war at the time, yet with a contemporary, streetwear twist. I have designed with sustainability in mind; the first outfit consists of a functional boilersuit. This boilersuit detaches into a separate jacket and trousers by unbuttoning at the waist, and the sleeves and lower legs detach to create a gilet and shorts. The jacket features a print inside and pockets to make it reversible. I have also made a bag out of repurposed army garments that features a buttonhole to attach onto the boilersuit as an additional pocket. The second outfit features trousers made from deadstock denim, an old, repurposed army boiler suit and surplus army paracord. The shirt is constructed from deadstock cotton poplin and denim scraps, also repurposing fireman clasps and D-rings. Both outfits include knitted pieces handmade by myself.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design