Lucy Elias
The concept for my FMP was inspired by my experience living and working in Melbourne throughout the breakout of COVID-19. Orientated around skateboarding within the cityscape, I looked into the architecture of the city and more specifically skate spots in which skateboarders would come together to pursue a mutually loved sport. Looking at the origins of the once considered anti-establishment, male dominated pass-time into what it is today; an inclusive sport where people of all genders have come together to create a safe, progressive space, building subcultural communities and friendships, the pursuit of fun and development of skill and progression within the sporting and creative world. Focussing on women within skate and the way in which they express and take ownership of their identity within the subculture, debunking the unspoken visual codes of conduct upon which the stereo types of the ‘classic skateboarder’ were created.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design