Lucy Collins
My work is focused on the history of women and their position in society now. How attitudes and jobs have changed as well as the difficulties that women are still faced with. I initially created ‘Collins Conversations’ as a platform to encourage people to carry on talking about social and political injustices. I have researched women’s organisations and feminist movements that offer facts about sexual harassment and women’s inequality. I then copied them onto stickers and put them up around Nottingham. The intention was to spark small but constant conversations within the community, to educate and encourage people to make a change. I have since gone on to make photographs of a collection of women from and around Nottingham, to celebrate the career paths that women can now hold. I won the Creative Changemaker's Influencer Award which shines a light on social activism showing reach and impact and I plan to carry on advocating for women’s equality and educating through a visual media.
BA (Hons) Photography