Lucy Bowskill
From being interested in fashion since a young age I always knew I wanted to be involved in something creative. Finding new ways to shock and wow audiences with new silhouettes and handcrafting has always been the goal within my work. Specialising in womenswear, I aim to empower the female form, always trying to come up with unique concepts to inspire me. I love to think outside the box thinking of new ways of creating garments and how they can be layered and refit to inspire new aesthetics. For example, my recent project “Ignore the Ideal” is inspired by new ways of rebelling against society’s ‘ideal look’ and toxic traits of the fashion industry, encourages layering contrasting textures and hand crafting, creating a season-less collection that is anti-trend to encourage slow fashion. Within my future in the fashion industry, I hope to be a part of something creative and inclusive, helping to pave the way for a contemporary, slower approach to fashion.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design