Lucy Argent
Lucy Argent is a Norfolk-based designer, maker and artist specialising in illustrative ceramics. The collection “Shop But Don’t Drop” highlights today’s single waste society and aims to make consumers consider their impact on the environment for future generations. Lucy’s work is inspired by historical vessels, the stories they hold and what we can learn from them. By combining old and new in her hybrid vessels, Lucy is able to take on contemporary issues with a humorous and recognisable style. Within her work Lucy embraces imperfections and changes in form which create a personal and endearing feel to the vessels; her characterful forms create a time capsule of our day to day lives in the twenty first century for tomorrow’s people, in an ancient medium. All of Lucy’s work is built up slowly by hand using coils of clay to create sculptures with a recognisable silhouette. Each piece is decorated with coloured slips and underglazes and is then carved away to reveal a design.
BA (Hons) Decorative Arts