Due to her love for fashion design, Liying decided to give up her accounting major and start studying fashion design. She has a great interest in colors, prints and embroidery. In a recent project, she challenged herself with traditional Chinese costumes, a field she had never explored before. Based on traditional Chinese costumes from the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317A.D.-420A.D.), Liying’s designs are inspired by the life of Yuanming Tao, a famous poet and hermit from that period, and the main natural imageries from his poems. Through the huge prints created from these imageries and the layers of laser-cut semi-transparent fabrics, she expresses his beautiful quality of not following the crowd and courageously pursuing his ideal life. By improving many aspects of Eastern Jin costume(e.g. the way it is worn), Liying makes it more suitable for the needs of modern life. In the future she hopes to start her own brand and continue her exploration of embroidery and prints.
MA Fashion Design