Liam Tooher
Hi, I'm Liam Tooher, my subject area is illustration and graphic design! My passions and interests revolve mainly around political, international and social affairs, whether this is contemporary events in politics or in history. From Belarussian dictators to exploring Government housing policies in the 60s, I want all my projects to show my curiosity about the world we live in today and the past. Examples of work vary from my first project Manifest Destiny. Which was a graphic novel exploring the westward expansion of the United States, and the exploitation that indigenous people suffered because of it. To my animation, what is Britain? Which was an exploration of what it's like to live in contemporary Britain in 2022. I won the Illustration Batsford Prize 2021 for my Project - "Happy Days?" and have also been selected to represent the course for Young Designers in London. I would love to be an illustrator for a publishing company or editorial product that makes meaningful work.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design