Li-Wen, Chen
To involve rather than to mere connect is the power of theatre to Li-Wen: a theatre that goes into people side-specifically is the theatre she pictures. Li-Wen was the designer of Dennis Kelly’s teenager theatre: ‘DNA’, which was taking place in Lakeside Arts the first week of May 2022. She brought the natural environment outside the venue into the theatre abstractly and aimed to use bionic design to highlight the realistic story. Thus, from the double helix shape in the set, the actors come out like they’re coming out from a mother’s womb, or an eye, or a storm! Li-Wen’s previous architecture learning has been leading her to combine the two techniques and bring theatre into daily life. Her wish is to use theatre design methods beyond theatre purposes. For example, design for commercial spaces, museums, TV, or movie productions. Li-Wen is also the winner of the Chartered Society of Designers Student Award for theatre design in 2022
BA (Hons) Theatre Design