Lewis Bowness
I have always been interested in designing and making. At every chance during education I chose creative subjects, pushing myself towards a creative profession with my favourite work revolving around parody and social awareness. The most proud I have been during my design journey is when I was awarded 2nd place in the penguin random house book cover competition. As time has gone along I have found myself switching between design fields, unable to decide on what area I would like to specialise in. I initially wanted to fill a multidisciplinary role in which I could complete any task that is required of me. I still hold that value of being applicable to many areas of design however over the course of my MA I discovered my love for 3D and experimenting with new technologies. In the future I plan to develop these skills with the intention of potentially being an in house 3D designer at a firm, a tutor in the subject, working in industrial design or anything I can get my hands on.
MA Graphic Design