Lauren Jade Carter
My practice focuses primarily on elegant flat sculptures, using organic materials, clay and plaster. My sculptures firstly begin in a state of playfulness and experimentation, disregarding and ignoring strict ideas of how the final conceptualised piece may turn out. I focus on material investigation. Pouring, splashing, thickening squashing, compressing and rolling ignoring the conventional rules, to create a new abstract piece displaying an illusion of motion. I collect organic materials from the countryside arranging them in a free manner so they appear to be in motion - mimicking a breeze. Each cast is a 45cm x 45cm square secured to the wall with metal brackets, creating unity between my works. The metal brackets add a brut quality to an organic cast. Freezing the materials gives them permanency and importance becoming fossilised in time. My future plans are to create more designs, bespoke pieces of art decor and learn more about the design industry within the household.
BA (Hons) Fine Art