Kelsey Fisher
This year my work has been exploring the idea of a journey, and the different forms this can take. The physical journey of moving from one place to another, with the destination not being the sole objective, and the emotional journey, where the places you visit along the way have significant memories attached to them - such as accommodation and University. Throughout my time at NTU I have been interested in landscapes, the juxtaposition of power and calmness in nature, and also the concept of identity and what contributes to making us who we are. Having previously created photos involving reflections to exhibit personality, these themes are evermore present in my recent work and I hope to continue my exploration of these ideas in the future. With assignments creating books/zines and online, as well as physical, exhibitions, my creativity and organisational skills have continued to improved, and I look forward to possible collaborations in the creative sector, in the future.
BA (Hons) Photography