Katherine Smallwood
My name is Katherine Smallwood, I am a visual communicator and soon to be Fashion Communication and Promotion graduate. My skills centre around art direction, photography, and concept creation. As a socially and politically aware person, a combination of empathy and creativity is integral to both my outlook and the work I produce. This led me to propose my new platform 'Empaphoria', which seeks to make activism fun and approachable - a positive and uplifting practice. It uses the music industry and pop culture figures to promote messaging that must be more widely spread if we are to restore the empathy deficit. My portfolio pieces show my keen eye for detail and clean visuals that centre on the betterment of society. I am looking to move into an energetic and empathetic working environment, which operates with a social conscience and allows me to showcase my confident presentation skills and strong art direction instincts.
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion