Katherine Rushin
My main area of focus is character sheets, from facial sheets to turn arounds, though I also focus into visual development and concept design within a 2D medium. My main passions being creating characters for video game settings, attempting to make characters that are different and quirky from normal, with monstrous beasts, self-repairing zombie dolls, creepy conjoined twins and more. My main project the past year was creating a creepy circus that could be created into a horror/adventure game, with the pitch of, Two Private investigators are hired to investigate reports of multiple disappearances surrounding an abandoned circus. Yet, upon arrival, the circus seems more sinister than it first appeared. With self-repairing dolls that scavenge parts from outsiders, mutilating those that come near. The once bright circus known for joy becomes a nightmare. My future goal is to work in the video game industry, creating fun and imaginative characters, backgrounds and visual art.
MA Animation