Kate Wilson
Kate Wilson is an artist, designer and maker, with a focus on textile and paper surface design and construction. The recipient of The Arts Society Nottingham Decorative Arts Bursary Award, in support of her graduate collection, Kate has been able to develop weave as part of her research and process-led practice. Informed by an interest in the role of art, design, and the spaces we occupy upon our mental, physical and social health, Kate creates works which retain hopeful optimism of positive change through development of colour, form and material. Exploring repetitious geometric form, and the infinite relationships these have to the world, she creates pieces which animate domestic and public spaces, inviting personal and varied reflection, and which are informed by her cross-discipline, cyclical practice, moving between two- and three-dimensional work. Kate’s practice is focussed on work for exhibitions, collaborations, site-specific commissions, and art-based education.
BA (Hons) Decorative Arts