Kai Cheung Yuen
My name is Kai Cheung Yuen, please, call me Thomas. I am an animation student. I study and make both hand drawn 2D and 3D. the process I enjoy the most is 3D rigging. the problem solving is extremely engaging and seeing a character actually working gives me a great sense of success to a point where I would call it being intoxicating, although usually many problems would be found later during animating, same goes for basically every step during the production. With that mind set, as the project progress, there is always a consistent flow of hatred toward my past self, sometimes making the work increasingly tedious as times goes by. I like machines, the kinetic aspect of them to be more specific. From small, delicate watches and automatons to huge complex coal excavator that is as tall as a tower. I am always exited about how accuracy machining and the logical design can become these technical wonders. The UK taught me about tea. I now have tea addiction, best gift I’ve ever had.
BA (Hons) Animation