Just Jessie Creative
Each creative person has a Eureka moment when they ask “what is my life goal?” For me that was when the realisation hit me that I wanted to be able to build something of my own that truly makes a difference in this world. While I ultimately want to be an entrepreneur, in the interim, I strive to continuously upgrade myself artistically and professionally – dabbling in styling, branding, and even visual merchandising. It is my passion for fashion and art which drives this versatility. I remember my first class at NTU was like a breath of fresh air- so much to learn and grasp, I was overwhelmed but excited. Two semesters here further enhanced my strengths of confidence, perseverance, and agility. My favourite project among many was creating a platform targeted at connecting circular footwear brands in the industry. Building the brand – FLOOP –creating a logo and brand identity was most challenging yet stimulating and I am truly proud of the end result. Do check out my website for more!
BA (Hons) International Fashion Business