Jodie Calladine
Jodie Calladine is an artist who focuses primarily on drawing and mark making. Having come from a small village in Nottinghamshire where the landscape was forever changing, Jodie became intrigued by the forgotten, the overlooked and the unseen. Jodie takes pillboxes which are abandoned war defences and disconnects them from their surroundings, placing them in a vast amount of negative space. Her work not only shows the importance of pillboxes and space but capturing something before it is lost. Benches Between Us was key achievement for Jodie as it allowed her to work collaboratively and exhibit in a gallery space. This experience gained Jodie insight into the creation and curation process of an exhibition. Jodie has experience invigilating exhibitions having volunteered at BACKLIT Gallery and worked in Bonington Gallery. Jodie’s intentions for the future are to continue drawing, forming a collection which then she wants to collate her work around pillboxes into a book.
BA (Hons) Fine Art