James Mellor
As an artist I enjoy using a variety of media, often experimenting with distinctive styles and tones. I use photographic images as inspiration for my paintings. I use visual images to relate to day-to-day issues that are often hard for people to express and explain, such as mental health, social anxiety and how people reflect on them in their lives. I create a non-singular vision; each work could relate to a concept or theme, which could equally stand on its own. My ideas are grounded. However, my imagery is dimensional so others may see this as fictional. These ideas could be seen as horror, fantasy, or surrealism. I develop them further using materials, techniques and skills that can reflect personal life and growth and how people deal with them. The technique used in my latest work gives it a cinematography look, inverting and installing the images to some classic sci-fi and groundwork movies, with imagery from the modern-day. My work has a sense of being both finished and unfinis
BA (Hons) Fine Art