Jake Pickering
Hi, my name is Jake Pickering. My love for production design lives in my passion for film and TV. In my three years of study at NTU, I have been given the opportunity to experiment and develop a range of skills in many different areas of production design. I now have experience in model making, prop design, concept art, technical drawing and storyboarding. Every brief is completely different and can take you on a journey into a different world: from secret underground stations in steampunk cities, to mysterious orphanages on ocean cliffs, and through portals to magical worlds with blood-thirsty plants. Production design makes the impossible a reality on screen. This is exactly what I love about production design and what Design for Film and TV at NTU has allowed me to explore. I'm now eager to use my skills in the film and tv industries and hope to contribute and develop them. Get in touch or check out my website or my Instagram for more of my project work! Thanks for stopping by :)
BA (Hons) Design for Film and TV