Jade Lumsden
Being a photographer is not something I've always wanted to be but something I've always enjoyed. I've been around videography and photography when I was younger and feel like this is the best way to capture a moment in time. Having an interest in black and white photography I feel like these types of photographs portray a story in different ways and this is usually the type of edit I go for. I have dabbled in many areas including landscape and portraiture and still trying to figure out what I enjoy best. During University I have been able to develop many skills within different areas and have challenged myself to create work outside my comfort zone. I have created projects focusing on landscapes and flowers but also portraits with close up on faces and hands. In the future I want to continue developing my photography in all areas and find what is most suitable for me before settling. I hope to start portraying my work in galleries in a few years and build up my own freelance career.
BA (Hons) Photography