Jade Bramley
I use my photography to explore the idea of community and identity. I was born in Nottingham and I am passionate about representing local communities that may not get spotlighted very often. From those living with disability, mobile home communities and our queer scene, I want to lift up these groups using photography. In my final year, I've developed my skills in alternate processing and have enjoyed making anthotypes using natural photosensitive dyes to make photograms of plants. I also use a UV sensitive fabric dye to expose images onto clothing to create custom pieces. I love the theory side of my course too and enjoyed my time working on my dissertation titled "Representing BDSM: From Sub Culture to Pop Culture". I used archival images to analyse how the representation of BDSM has changed up to the modern day. My favourite thing to do around photography is to get into complex discussions about art, history, politics and identity.
BA (Hons) Photography