Izabella Daulman
The branding of a new canned drink for client Hatch gave me the opportunity to combine my own interests and fascination with nature, as well as my own personal and positive experience with Mindfulness. Encouraged by the power and beauty of the Aurora Borealis, I was moved to visually convey how nature transforms magnetically charged particles into an awe inspiring natural light projection of magical perfection. This is something that I like to reflect through my design work, that it is our imperfections that define us as an individual and make us unique. Throughout my first project I drew on insight of my individual experience of having younger siblings with Autism who form part of a very unique audience. I was able to delve into another of my passions, that of inclusion. I investigated and reflected on the realisation that as a designer I have an obligation to create works that are visible to everyone, creating work that is diverse and truly inclusive for all viewers.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design