Isabella Stevens
Studying Fine Art at NTU has allowed me to expand my practice with incorporating acrylic painting, ideas of world building, science fiction, feminism, and challenging the male gaze. I think it’s important to present a world where women are reclaiming their own bodies and their space. I use digital painting to speculate, to play and to work out different aspects, which allows me more freedom with my technique when I come to paint a scene. I have experience in using procreate, adobe fresco, photoshop and continue to experiment with different software. I’m continuing to see work from science fiction writers and other fine artists to inspire me and also use my love for design and silhouettes and layering of clothing, and therefor, what would ultimately be paint, into my world. I’m good at disciplining myself and striving for progress and have developed this through my love for sports and fitness. I have experience with talking to clients for commissions and communicating ideas.
BA (Hons) Fine Art