Ilinca Sivoglo
I am a multidisciplinary creative who uses social and environmental interests to conceptualise many initiatives. My personal favourite is a female-focused zine that I created as a self-initiated project. I wanted to dispel the stereotype of female gaming representation by depicting my favourite characters in more empowering scenarios and pairing them with articles about the male ego. I have also pursued my interest in video game creation in other ways, creating two game prototypes in response to the D&AD New Blood Awards briefs from the previous two years. These projects taught me valuable storytelling, world-building, and character-design abilities. My approach comes down to illustration; I incorporate my drawings into every aspect of my work, whether it's a brand, an animation, or a campaign. Since the start of my final year, I have worked as a graphic designer for a veterinary clinic, where I create digital and print marketing for a cause I am passionate about: arthritic animals.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design