Huixin Song
Hello! My name is Huixin Song! Since 2018, I have been formally engaged in fashion design. Every semester in NTU has enabled me to learn more knowledge related to fashion design as well as letting me see my own progress. I've enjoyed every stage of every school year, no matter if it's collecting inspiration and searching for information, to analysing materials to develop and design, or finally sewing real clothes from graphic design drawings. The lines drawn by the pencil and the stitches passed by the sewing machine brought me a lot of happiness. Of course, my favourite project has been the Final major project in final year. This project has occupied the most time in my three years of study, and I have put the most experience and effort into it. In my spare time, I like to go out for inspiration. I think our life is full of interesting things everywhere, we just need to find it. I also like to paint watercolours very much! I hope my work can bring good mood to you!
BA (Hons) Fashion Design