Huilin Yang
Hello, My name is Huilin Yang, My major is MA Fashion Design. My Final project is inspired by the relationship between men and women. From ancient times to the present. The relationship between men and women is a question worth exploring. So I started with a shirt that symbolized men's clothing and transformed it. Let men's clothing can also add feminine elements. My work is shirts stitched together. All three collars can be used. The buttons do not need to be properly buttoned in the matching button holes. Everyone wears this dress differently. This dress I want to express the idea is. Customers are their own designers. I am good at 2D research-creation and 3D sample garment production by draping. I want customers to wear my clothes more than just a form, they can also modify them according to their own preferences. There is no such thing as meeting someone wearing the same clothes. Because each customer can dress differently. Customers are their own designers.
MA Fashion Design