Holly Stanton
My name is Holly Stanton. This is a showcase of my work that I have created as part of my BA (Hons) Fashion Design degree. My collection investigates the hyper-sexualisation of queer women, and how some individuals present different identities dependent on who they are interacting with. Using surrealism to represent the concept of multi-identity I explored the concept of filtered identity, demonstrating the different elements of freedom of expression. “living in a patriarchy as a queer woman you’re unfortunately not just a girl who likes girls; you’re a fetish, you’re a porn category, you’re a spectacle to be gawked at” Having always been drawn to more conceptual fashion, developing a style that combines unorthodox with “provocative” tailoring. Looking to create collections that represent femininity in a way that is both sexy and powerful. Using fashion as a way of questioning and reflecting on the world we live in, as an opportunity for my own growth and others.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design