Holly McAulay
Space Waste, Knit Engineer is a knit design project, with innovative and slower design values. As a knitwear designer, specialised in menswear, I draw inspiration from functional design combined with streetwear, that is practical and adaptable. After securing yarn sponsorships from Todd & Duncan, Novetex and Nylstar, I researched yarns with technical properties that add purpose to the knitted garments I designed. Through this research, and my interest in knit and the theory of knitted structures, I have developed knit fabrics that combine the specialised properties of the yarns, with functional and complex arrangements. I have created knitted garments on the Dubied and power knit machines, calculating patterns that are, most often, shaped to reduce waste. I have explored new methods of digital technology, and worked on virtual simulation of garments through Clo-3d, combining simulations of knit fabrics from Shima Seiki to create high quality renders of my knit designs.
MA Fashion Knitwear Design