Guy Haws
I found myself returning to education later in life than your average University student, with an aspiration of turning one of my main hobbies into a means of supporting myself. Along the way I discovered I was more creative than I thought and took to experimenting with alternative processes both analogue and digital. I have used photography to draw parallels between trees and humans, research and document abandoned wartime buildings as well capturing landscapes and high energy sports. Photography is more than simply taking a picture and my studies have allowed me to build on previous working experiences and transfer those skills over to photography, whether that be assisting in a studio, researching on the topic for projects I am working on or facing the public. An idea for a future a project is to do a before and after of a festival, following the clean up operation to see the impact it leaves on the site, with a view to exhibiting the work at a festival.
BA (Hons) Photography