Grace Reeves
My creativity is ignited by different cultures and communities that I have encountered in my life, alongside the co-existence of the natural world and our man-made environment. I am intrigued by how humans connect with each other, their surroundings, and their inner worlds. I create functional art which gives individuals, regardless of their size or gender, the power to be themselves without damaging the planet. My clothing gives individuals the freedom to adapt accordingly with the weather or their mood, due to the transformable elements. My silhouettes are shaped by zero waste pattern cutting as my motivation is to make sustainability more accessible. Understanding a design enhances a user’s emotional connection to an item, which is why I upcycle with individuals to create personal, unique creations with history and depth. Upcycling challenges our society’s understanding of second-hand clothing while provoking conversations surrounding how humans interact with their surroundings.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design