Gigi Lam
I'm a final year student studying Fashion Design, specialising in womenswear. Through the three years, the most memorable project is the one I’m working on which is my FMP. I enjoy spending time in the studio, figuring out how to do complicated patterns and turning them into a garment. Making a garment is challenging but the outcomes will bring joy and sense of achievement. Besides designing, I love playing piano, it relaxed me when I’m struggling and sometimes, music gives me inspiration on ideas! I love generating loads of interesting ideas, as to develop my ideas with different experimental methods like collaging, fabric draping, etc. Moreover, exploring topics that are emotional and related to society is my favourite, my recent project is about the nowadays toxic beauty standards and how we label each other with our standards. I’m always curious about the society and why do people think the way they think, and I'm hoping I could explore more on similar aspect in the future.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design