Georgina Fellows
Fellows was born in Solihull on 19th February 2001. Having moved house multiple times in her teenage years and watching her parents re-design and renovate buildings, she took interest in interior spaces and how they can be altered to make you have a different experience. At 18, she moved away to study Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. Fellows presents the theme of Liminal Space in her artwork, exploring the idea of different types of space, whether this be social or private. Creating boxes containing miniature spaces, her aim is to convey the power of Liminal space and how it can hold a power over our comfortability. She intended it to have a non- permanent impression, so this is positive feedback for her. More recent artist who have had a big impact on her work have been Catherine Yass, Marlene Neudecker and Mike Nelson, these can all be seen in her propositional writing. Fellows’ Degree show is her next big event, where she will show her newest work and the biggest yet.
BA (Hons) Fine Art