Georgia Yates
Hi, I’m Georgia Yates, a Graphic Design student from NTU. During my final year, I’ve completed projects focusing on publication, illustration, branding and more. This final year I have focused all my projects around different key insights depending on the brief. I found that having a solid and meaningful concept helped bring out more creative design solutions. A project I enjoyed this year was, “Great Explorers,” in which I created a ‘touchy - feely’ book designed to educate people on different types of cancer. It shows people how to check their boobs and balls in an interactive and sensory way. Making the book from scratch was a fun and educational process and developed my understanding of printing, book binding and publication. I’m excited to be graduating this year and am keen to experience the studio culture of a design agency, I wish to collaborate with new people and develop my skills and practice.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design