Gautham Krishna
I grew up in a village in Kerala, India, where art and crafts were always a safe space. My move to the UK during a Global Pandemic was an identity crisis for my creativity. However, the MA Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting course at NTU was where I could unapologetically put my queerness and culture in a blender to produce a range of work. Growing up in India, surrounded by spirituality, art and culture, I could compare many of the understandings, beliefs and observations to what the west has regarding gender and sexuality. During my time at NTU, I was constantly exploring what clothing could be beyond the gender binary. My creative process has been influenced by the surgical pattern cutting method, zero waste draping and the geometric shapes implemented by Madame Vionnet. All this connects to my love for geometry as a young school boy. As a young creative, I aim to find what clothing is beyond the gender binary by merging my culture with the technical knowledge I gained from NTU.
MA Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting