Finley Read
Hey, I'm Finn! I work mostly with motion graphics using a variety of programs from After Effects to Blender and Cinema 4D. I have a keen interest specifically in the relationship sound and music has with motion which has led me down some really interesting paths both in and outside my course. For example, I've built a following of 80,000+ TikTok followers making gaming/music related content and I plan to start integrating some design work into my posts. I also enjoy watching anime and can pick up on some of the animation techniques used and it excites me when something is executed especially well. I've also completed an internship where I created informative videos and helped with web design alongside the marketing team. I hope to work in a studio (motion specific or otherwise) alongside other creatives since I really want to work more with other people on exciting briefs since I completed all my projects solo while at University. Hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed making it!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design