Fanyu Lin
Hi, I’m Fanyu. I’m an international student from Taiwan, which is in another half of the world. I came to the UK to develop my design thinking and skills. I’m now an MA Graphic Design student who is ready to devote my skills, innovative thinking and passion into the design industry. Works I did during my year in MA were mostly created digitally. I like exploring bold color palettes on works to help display the main emotions of them. The major project I did this year was a proposal of a festival related to toxic masculinity. My aim is to raise the awareness of this issue in a positive and accessible way. Young people are the target audience in my proposal, in this case, digital marketing is considered as an effective way. Therefore, I created a web prototype and a mock-up of social media with AI and Xd. After the journey of my MA year, I would love to enter graphic design industry in the UK and also explore more about user interface and website design in the future.
MA Graphic Design