Evie Bullivant
I'm Evie and I study Fashion Marketing and Branding. Within my final year on the course I have taken an interest into sustainability, recycling and its impact on the student population, as well as considering the pandemic's impact. This has been something I have been interested in as it's a megatrend and such a prominent part of life so must be considered for our futures. The passion I have for this topic led me to create a viable business concept to meet a need in my Stage Two report to hopefully be reflected in my future career path as I strive to be employed by a company which incorporates sustainability into its ethos. Within my second year I went on a 9-week placement at a small business in Nottingham which allowed me to utilise skills learnt from this course such as communication, marketing plans and strategic thinking and action them into real-life scenarios to aid in the success of the business. I was also runner up for both live projects with Bravissimo and Boots.
BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing & Branding