Eve Isabella Farmer
Eve investigates and displays latex, a naturally sourced material reliant on the component of coagulation, changing in state from liquid to organised flexible, solid skins. These manipulated complex latex skins are her attempt to push its boundaries and find a balance between something that can co-exist as a sculpture and a painting. Her practice style would be described as ‘process art’ as she respects latex’s instinctive materiality whilst exploring its potential. This ultimately malleable material holds conformative qualities as it imitates both soft and hard forms, performing as a ghost of what it has been set across. During her time at Nottingham Trent University reading BA Fine Art, Eve became a lead curator of the 'Twitchel Gallery', elected by previous BA Fine Art graduates, completed multiple bespoke commission works, and exhibited at The Organ Grinder's May Show. Eve is excited for innovative artistic endeavours as her inclination to create matures and flourishes.
BA (Hons) Fine Art