Eugenie Ellor
I am a painter exploring the themes of the everyday, things that have a homely and comforting aesthetic. My paintings are made up of things I am visually attracted to that, in a way, seduce me as soon as I see them. These paintings could be of things as simple as cups, cushions, chairs, a bag or shoes. I bring attention to these objects through colour and composition. Colour is essential to my work - I get excited about it. I take cues from my everyday life such as noticing someone’s outfit; the patterns, colour combination, or interior magazines, even words and small phrases to use as text in my work. I am visually collecting all the time. I am dealing with things that everybody deals with every day of their lives. Colour is something that never ceases to be fun and unexpected. It has become very intuitive and part of the process of selecting every colour in my paintings. My main focus is painting on large canvases, I love the physicality of it.
BA (Hons) Fine Art