Esther Cropper
Throughout my education I have always found ways to use my studies as an elaborate front to indulge my interest in art, history and gender politics. My final project is a culmination of these topics, having chosen to look at female identity through the lens of modesty. I wanted my project to reflect the mercurial nature of modesty and place the narrative back into the hands of women by creating garments that could be worn flexibly to reflect the wearer’s individual sense of modesty. The way we dress, what we show, what we do not show, is semantic and so I wanted to realise my concept fully by placing emphasis on the presentation of my garments; to create clothes as at home in a gallery as they are on a shop floor. I have used my final year to hone my knowledge of curation and practice of exhibition design, exploring topics such as androgyny and the effect of the male gaze on lingerie, which I hope utilise in a career of curation.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design