Esme Short
Throughout my final year at NTU I have found my place within design, which I believe is within the marketing sector. Each of my projects I have based around different aspects of marketing such as launching a new product for a brand, creating a copy led campaign for a new sub-brand and creating a marketing campaign for a brand collaboration I came up with. I have found that I thrive the most throughout the process section of projects, where I am able to come up with the ideas that will then lead the marketing campaigns. My favourite project that I have completed this year was a self-initiated brief where I had to launch a new pie flavour for the brand Pieminister. I liked the fact that I was working with a brand and helping to expand them further into the world today while also taking into account their key values. In the future I aspire to work at a large marketing firm that are working alongside big clients whose work you will see throughout the world.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design