Emy Dyer
Hi! I'm Emy, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer with a passion for playful branding, hand-made typography and illustration with a sprinkling of motion design on the side. I have a deep love for bright colours and creating things that stand out from the crowd and I aim to put a bit of my own personality into everything I do. Throughout my second and third years of University I have been working on building my own business - initially starting off with an Etsy shop that I used to sell hand-made clay pieces and jewellery. I would say that I am a very hands on creator, and love to get immersed in my projects - which has been hugely beneficial to my practise as a freelance designer when working on illustrative and branding projects that I'm passionate about alongside my clients. My eye for detail, passion for creativity and (slightly neurotic) perfectionism are some of my greatest assets, and I would absolutely love to get to know you better!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design