Emily Asquith
I am an avid painter whose weapon of choice is acrylic paint. Sadly, like thousands of others and perhaps even you, I have suffered with a lot of loss in my life. Grief has joined me on my journey through life since being only a few months old and persists on taking everyone from me. To escape from the pain and brutal reality of life, I turn to my artwork to reminisce and celebrate the memories of those I have lost. Doing this I find it helps me to understand what is going on in my life and remember the good memories spent together. During my journey with grief, I have found myself to often get caught up and stuck in the past, therefore by being retrospective it solidifies to me that time has moved forward and I have to keep up before I get stuck. Art has been a way for me to find my voice and express my headspace. It has been a great way to start healing myself and coming to terms with situations life puts me through, as well as allowing others to understand their own grief and loss.
BA (Hons) Fine Art