Ella Hood
Hello! My name is Ella and I am an illustrator, designer and maker. I have always had a passion for illustration, whether it is greeting cards, packaging, murals or picture books, I love all things colourful, considerate and not taking design too seriously, I feel that this is perfectly reflected in my final year work. I especially enjoyed designing the children's picture book 'I'm Not Afraid of Spiders'. This project pushed me to consider how the illustrative style, combined with the composition and rhythm of the pages can portray the context of the story. I was also super proud to have been shortlisted to top 5% of the entries. Looking into my future, I would love to explore the life of a freelancer or perhaps branching into children picture books. Either way I know that I am a hard worker and will be happy as long as I keep illustration and design within my career future. Thank you so much for discovering some my work!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design